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Eiki NT 16mm Film Projector Loading

Loading the Eiki NT 16mm Projector.
putneyboer : I have the NT-2. Tried rewinding like in the video. the tension on the front reel seems uneven, creating bulges that get worse as the 1200ft reel get fuller. Is there away to control the tension better?
Also my manual, in the rewinding section, say "US & Canada only" What could be different on my UK projector.
sportyshorty68 : Thanks for this. I bought this model for 20$, changed both arm belts and the motor belt but I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't rewind when I pushed the lever up, when the only instructions I saw before this told me it would. You sir are a valuable resource!
Paul Lambert : This projector will run warped films with no problem.
Peter Johnson : I own one these projectors very good quality
Matthew Polack : Thanks for this...only thing is for some reason our rewind doesn't work...I flipped the lever...but it still goes the exact same way! Anyway...thank you!

Operate your Eiki RT-0 16mm Projector and Attract a Mate

Your Eiki projector can provide hours of fun and entertainment. It might also attract the opposite sex and impress your neighbors! But you don't want to look like an idiot, so learn the tricks of running your Eiki.
The Restoration of Dr Who : You're probably better off impressing them with your massive income...
Born Again Torinos : This was very helpful and humorous.
Arfan Eka Diandra : Heh. Cheesy.
Edy Palermo : Inget masa lalu,dlu eiki pegangan sy wktu sy msi kerja di layar tancap
X. Y. : I have one for sale

빔프로젝터 설치 방법ㅣInstalling a beam projector

티비무빙홈페이지 : www.tvmoving.com
블로그 : https://blog.naver.com/laco0516\\
훈아재tube-헬린이 : 1등 풀시청합니다ㅎ
Lee Kiyeon : 자가 설치 꿀팁 이내요
나르꼬마 NARUKKOMA : 설명 잘해주신다.
Cho James : 안녕하세요 팁잘보고 갑니다. 혹시 아파트인데 아트월벽쪽 벽걸이 티비 뒤쪽에서 부터 반대쪽 천정까지 hdmi선을 빼고 싶은데..ㅜㅜ 아트월에서 천정쪽이 기본적으로 뚫려있을까요?
펩시 : 저 질문드릴수 있을까요?
제가 학교 천장에 달린 빔 설정을 초기화 시켰더니 화면이 180도 돌아가 있더라구요 아무리 찾아도 설정에서는 화면 돌리는 설정을 못찾겠습니다 도와주세요
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